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We implement and support Netsuite - that's it!


We like to show off !

As a company you need to see what Netsuite has to offer - and there's a lot to see. We can organise demonstrations tailored to match your industry and size. We can work with you reviewing how you work today and how it could be improved with Netsuite. Go on - try us out!

Discovery and Planning

Clarity provide a full range of services to support you in your selection process. We will work with you to define what you need, through consultancy exercises. We will help you find out the best solution for your business from within the Netsuite product range and provide clear documentation detailing "The benefits of Netsuite" - now and as your business grows. 



ERP systems are complex, as they touch all aspects of your business. The core accounts functions are likely to be standard – with perhaps more complexity around operational activities – as these can make your business unique. Clarity design the optimum way to use Netsuite – to give your business the very best return on your investment.


The purpose of the development phase is to prepare the entire system for going live. This includes activities such as completing any necessary customisations, developing user training plans, and importing data. All projects are managed by our experienced Project Managers with regular feedback meetings on the progress of the tasks being performed.



Is the system’s functionality aligning with the set requirements for the project? The Testing and Development phases will often overlap, as the implementation and project teams jump between the two – constantly fine tuning the configuration. By the end of this phase, project team members will be comfortable doing their jobs in the new system. This is the final step before diving into the live system.


The project team and implementation team will assess the situation and make the final go or no-go decision. Prior to going live, the final data will be loaded and validated. The project team will train other employees who will then start working in the new system, and completely stop using the old one.


On Going Support

Once the ERP system has gone live, the purpose of the project team will shift. Over time, as the way the users work within the system evolves, adjustments and changes to the system configuration may be needed.