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Benefits of an integrated software system

System integration is crucial for any company to succeed. It ensures seamless data connectivity and reduces proneness to errors, improving both the internal workflow of your organisation and the prospects of your company on the market. Having all of your systems integrated into one helps your company to achieve: Improved real-time visibility, Process efficiency, Increased sales, Valuable data collection, Cost savings.

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Five trends transforming cloud computing

Just a few years ago, some industry experts dismissed cloud computing as just the latest technology fad, good for generating a lot of buzz but offering little practical value. Today, the cloud has arrived and has been widely acknowledged by analysts and companies alike as a major force in significantly altering the entire IT landscape, from how data centres are built, to how software is deployed, to how upgrades are handled, and beyond. Here are five cloud computing trends to watch: Adoption of cloud computing will continue to grow rapidly. The future of cloud computing is mobile. The cloud will become more global. Companies become more "frictionless" thanks to the cloud. Social tools will bring increased collaboration to the cloud. The future can be notoriously hard to predict, but cloud computing is certain to continue having a significant effect on business operations.